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Re: Installing Mid-Tier and getting a Compatible JDK is not found on this system.


I am trying to install Mid-Tier on a system that had it at one time.
After reinstalling ars 5.1 I tried installing Mid-Tier. I got the
message that a compatible JDK was not found. 1.2.2_13 was on this
system. So I reinstalled jdk 1.2.2_13 and then reinstalled 5.1, then
tried Mid-Tier, once again I got the same error.

Any ideas?

Howard Richter

Cell   = (678) 575-1143
Home = (770) 992-5582
E-Mail = hbr@richter-home.net  
Web Site = www.richter-home.net
Résumé  = http://www.richter-home.net/live/resume.html

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