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Re: Run Macro on Login


You would ask her the first time she opens a single form. Part of the
qualification would be "Run if: 'GlobalFld' != $NULL$". This way, she will
only be asked if the Global Field is not set.

I believe the only downfall of my workaround is that, if all forms are
closed, I'm not sure if this will set the field to Null (though this would
give her the opportunity to change, if she errored).

Shawn Stonequist
EMNS, Inc.

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Hi Shawn,

good hint. Thanks for that. The problem is that I'd like to ask the user
every time she logs in or as you propose every time she opens the first
form, to choose her identity, i.e. to ask her as a member of which groups
she acts this time. What you suggest will work fine, but where do I set the
moment to ask her again? I wouldn't like to ask ever time any form gets


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