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Re: Modify a View Form entry using Java API

Dear Arthurj (software_architect),

To my knowledge there is no way to alter the atomic nature of the ARS
API. (vai the Java API or the C API.) The "trick" is to realize that
the ARS server is a multi-threaded server. You can control how your
client talks to the ARS server and how many threads are available to
your client program. But the magic starts with the RPC program number
you use in the connection to the ARS server.

Hope that helps.

Carey Matthew Black
Remedy Skilled Professional (RSP)
ARS = Action Request System(Remedy)

Love, then teach
Solution = People + Process + Tools
Fast, Accurate, Cheap.... Pick two.

On 8/21/07, arthurj <software_architect@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Wanted to see if anyone has info for the following case.
> There are a bunch of Filters defined for a Modify operation on a View form.
> An external Java program sends in multiple Modify requests to this form.
> When we use an external Java program to modify records in this View form,
> once a Modify request is sent to the server, would every Modify request,
> wait for all the relevant Modify Filters to complete?
> Wanted to know if it's possible to get the control back from the server,
> without every Modify request having to wait for all the Filters, relevant to
> that Modify to complete, before going on to the next Modify request to be
> sent to the server.
> Thanks

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