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Re: is it possible to set up two email boxes for one email engine

Hi Serouche
in the form AR System Email Mailbox Configuration 
you have one record for each mailbox
so you can configure more than one mailbox with different protocol (IMAP4,POP3, etc.)
best regards
2008/12/15, Remedy Maniac <remedy.maniac@googlemail.com>:
dear listers,

I am using the Email engine with a Unix MBOX email account.
We would like to move to IMAP.
It will be too long to explain why, but, I am wondering whether I could add a new Mailbox to the existing one on the same server.
This second Mailbox will be attached to a second user on the same machine but will be configured to use IMAP.
But both Mailboxes will be inside the same and uniq email engine on the same and uniq box.
Is that possible? I believe yes. but as this is our production server, I would like somebody to confirm this.
Thank you

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