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Re: History of AR System

The company sent me to AR Admin class for AR System version 2.0(sorry, I don't remember the year).  2.1 AR System and Helpdesk Template 1.0 was released shortly after I got back from training.  We rejected the 1.0 template and wrote our own app on 2.1, switching to ITSM when the 3.0 suite came out.  I haven't been to any training since 2.0.  I think the formal Admin class was a good one to get introduced.  It hasn't been at all bad adding to it over the years without further formal training.  

Dennis Ruble

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Re: History of AR System

Back in 97, I sat down with the Remedy manual, read it cover to cover and was a Remedy administrator.  There were only two apps (I think); Helpdesk and Asset.  Today, I looking at all the manuals if you have the whole ITSM suite, I no longer think that's possible.  I'm curious, how many folks started Remedy by just reading the docs, or did most people go out and get formal training.
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** I began working with the point release of 2.1 late in 1994 or early 1995 when I was at Winstar, a gone-broke telecommunications company. I wrote the help-desk app for the network ops center, as well as configuration forms, certification forms, lots of stuff. Back then it was a good front-end for a database. We worked with voice communications, so the FCC required a lot of auditing, all of which had to be written.

I got into Remedy as a C programmer who didn't have a project at the moment. I was horrified to find no Else statements built into the system. I can't remember when that came along, but it was quite an advance in programming. We worked with HP-UX and an early version of Oracle. Installation of just about anything was a bear, but once all the ducks were lined up it went well.

Ever since then I've worked with the ARS. Now it's quite sophisticated in comparison with the old days.

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From a bit of googling .....

Remedy Corp.
The Company was incorporated on November 20, 1990 in Delaware
Headquarters Mountain View, California, USA
Key people Larry Garlick, Founder & CEO
Dave Mahler, VP Marketing
Doug Mueller, Chief Architect
Version 1.0 ?
Version 1.1 Approx. Nov 1992 still looking for confirmation
Version 2.0 was May 19, 1995
Version 4.0 was Jan 27, 1999

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