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Re: AR User Tool Deprecated?


Here’s a blurb from their documentation if it helps.  Might be a little outdated (got it in 2009) but gives the general idea:


REM Event Drive Professional Edition v2.1 for BMC Action Request System is a
technology that allows real time events to be received in any Remedy client. In this way
instant communications between server and client are possible, without having to
periodically check with the server and therefore obtaining rapid response for low network
and server overhead. The uses for this technology include for example:


  • Real time instant data updates in tables, status fields, buttons etc.
  • Initiation of automated actions from one event without the user needing to interact.
  • Integration of multiple applications in a single Remedy window, being able to interact with these systems and see their responses asynchronously without having to juggle multiple Windows etc.


REM Event Drive has been built on BMC Remedy Action Request System® and Java,
Making its installation and operation possible on any machine that runs BMC Remedy
ARS 7.0 or higher, regardless of the operating system.



-David J. Easter

Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Service Management

BMC Software, Inc.


The opinions, statements, and/or suggested courses of action expressed in this E-mail do not necessarily reflect those of BMC Software, Inc.  My voluntary participation in this forum is not intended to convey a role as a spokesperson, liaison or public relations representative for BMC Software, Inc.


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** David beat me to it.  I sent you Mark's contact info off list.  I was going to run the blurb about RED from their website through Google Translate and post it in my reply but it is done in Flash and wasn't to translation friendly.

One correction, RED stands for REM Event Drive not Remedy Event Drive.


On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 3:03 AM, Angus Comber <arslist@iteloffice.com> wrote:


Sounds interesting, I will investigate.


Any link to RED?

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** Fred already mentioned that web services are used for back-end data and not user interaction.  However that isn't to say that push events that can interact with a user's session haven't been done.  Mark Gemmell showed of RED (Remedy Event Drive) at WWRUG09.  He demoed their very cool telephony integration.  His team built custom code that taps into the Mid-Tier's back channel (if I remember correctly) and will send server events (triggered by filters) to a username or group (received by Active Links).  It also works with WUT.  He let me try it out to build a chat module in Remedy and it worked very well.  Hopefully BMC will include something similar in the future (looking through the archives he stated in March 09 that BMC licensed it).


On Sat, Jul 3, 2010 at 3:29 AM, Angus Comber <arslist@iteloffice.com> wrote:

Hi Joe

Our thin client integrations do in fact use _javascript_ for integration.

In a nutshell the client programming issues with web are as follows:
1. To access the _javascript_ you need to first latch onto the web browser instance which requires custom code for each web browser.
2. WUT has a MDI interface which yes is a proprietary Windows technology but you can have powerful control of form instances etc.  This is harder with web clients.
2. WUT has more control from Remedy client -> third party client due to the fact that there are not the same security restrictions as on a web browser. Eg you can't run process with a web client.

We support whichever versions of Remedy clients are likely to be using.

The ideal interface from our point of view would be a interface which we can access via the server but which would provide the ability to 'push' to the relevant client.  I am thinking the Remedy soap interface may provide this. We need to test.  Service Desk Express have something like this with their push service.  We also need a way for a user to send a message from web client and be able to detect this message - hopefully via soap or some other interface.

Does anyone know if the soap interface could provide this?  I have doc, just need to get reading.


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Hello Angus,

I would agree with some of your statements a few versions ago when Remedy
Web was the web application tool. Mid-Tier since then has evolved to a much
better product, and sometimes there is a very thin difference between the
performance gains experienced on the thick client as opposed to the web. In
fact in my experience the web client tends to be a lot more faster on remote
connections than the native thick client.

Yes you are going to loose and have to give up on client based API
customizations that use the COM libraries, but many of these can be
re-engineered or re-written using _javascript_ that would work from the web

I think it would be a good idea for Remedy to focus on continuing to improve
the already 'much improved' web client, rather than utilize their resources
developing and improving a client that is lesser and lesser used with every
passing version. Many of the sites I have recently been to use only the thin

Just curious, but what versions do you currently work on?


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I believe this is true and think BMC are making a big mistake for the
following reasons:

1. The thick client has a client based API, using COM, which is used by many
third party products, including our own, and this capability is really
useful for integration with other products.  All this functionality will be

2. It is administrators, not users, pushing for web front ends, simply for
deployment reasons.  Users prefer responsive, rich functionality
applications.  Anyone who has used Siebel will know what I mean.

I have no problem with a web alternative but if they go for thin client
only, then that is not good news from my perspective.


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Subject: AR User Tool Deprecated?

Hi ARSers,

I have been hearing that AR User tool is getting deprected. I have few
questions on this.

- Is it really going to get deprecated? Is ARS8.0 going to have a thick
- If it is just through mid-tier then will the DDE, OLE, macros etc be
removed from active link actions.
- Is mid-tier expected to come up with more capabilities so as to tackle
client dependencies?

Not sure who can answer this. But would also be cool to get your own views
on this.


With Warm Regards,

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