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Re: AR System 7.1 Filter Phasing Issue

I had a similar issue.  I worked around it by adding a display only field to the Incident create form where I pushed the ID of the record that I was using to create the Incident as I created the Incident, and then adding a filter to the Incident Create form that pushed the value of the Incident Number back to the original form something like this:

Filter - Create Incident
	Form: My custom form
	Push Fields to HPD:IncidentInterface_Create:
		<Incident Info>
		My DO Field: <Record ID>

Filter - Save Incident Number`!
	Form: HPD:IncidentInterface_Create
	Execution Order: 101
	Run If: ('Incident Number' != $NULL$) AND ('My DO Field' != $NULL$)
	Push Fields to My custom form where 'Request ID' = $My DO Field$:
		Incident Number = $Incident Number$

Obviously, I would pick better names for things - this just illustrates the idea.

That's not necessarily ideal, but it did work for me.


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Subject: AR System 7.1 Filter Phasing Issue

I currently have a staging form that I am using to format some data and 
push it to the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form.  

I am having an issue with three filters and the order in which they run.

The first filter in the series pushes the data to the Interface_Create 

The issue I'm having is with Filter #2 which has a set fields in it.  My 
desired functionality is for this filter to set a field on my staging form 
that contains the 'Incident Number' field value from the 
HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form generated by the Push from filter #1.  
The current set fields action looks something like this:

Set fields if: 'Request ID' = $LAST ID$.  
Set: 'INC_ID' to $Incident Number$.

The main issue I can see, is no matter how I order it using filter guides, 
or `! the name of the filter, the set fields filter is always running 
first, since that actions takes place in the first phase, and all pushes 
are deferred to phase 2.

The third filter pushes attachments into the HPD:WorkLog form and sets the 
incident number to the number generated by the Interface_Create record in 
the 'Incident Number' field.

In the mean-time I've setup an escalation on interval to trigger the 
filters to grab the INC Number and push a worklog entry, and set a 
processed flag on my form so that it doesn't go through multiple passes.  
I'd prefer to handle it all with the filters on the initial submit if 
possible and avoid the use of escalations in the process.

If anyone has any ideas as to a possible solution to this issue, it would 
be much appreciated.

Josh Cook

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