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Re: Change in the User Tool



                Thanks for the heads-up.  I decided to duplicate your scenario to see if I could get the same results using base functionality.

                My production environment is 7.1.00 patch 007.

                My test environment is 7.5 Patch 005.


                I created a display-only form.

I added a drop-down field to the form.

I added a table field with a drop-down field column to the form.

I added an active link firing on the table row-change event to do a set-fields from the table field column to the drop-down field.

                I created above in both environments and found the base functionality works correctly in each.


                Form what I can conclude, the problem lies in the workflow implementation in your environment and not the base functionality.


Bruce Wilson


From: Greg Donalson [mailto:CDonalson@SLB.COM]
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 10:21 AM
Subject: FYI: Change in the User Tool



Hi everyone,


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but wanted to put this out there as an FYI.


 We currently have 7.0.01 Patch 8 User Tool pushed out to all of our users.  With Windows 7 out and 7.0.01 Patch 8 User Tool not supported for Windows 7, we decided to move to User Tool 7.5 Patch 4.  The issue we are running into is that in the new User Tool, a Set Fields from a table to a drop-down list (selection field) does not work anymore.  Where this is causing an issue is on the Help Desk form, the View button on the Task tab.  It does not work anymore.  After looking at the active link that sets this field: INT:HPDTMS:INC:ViewTaskSetup1, I saw that the Set Fields was not working anymore.  So, I looked in version 7.6 and sure enough the workflow has changed.  The Set Fields now sets to a temp field.  A second Set Fields sets the drop-down list from the temp field.  We have had to change our workflow to mimic what is in 7.6 and all is fine now.  I just wanted to give a head’s up to others that may run into this issue.  This may be documented somewhere, but I have not found it.  Why they have taken away the functionality to do a Set Fields from a table to a drop-down list field – I am not sure.



_attend WWRUG10 www.wwrug.com ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are"_

_attend WWRUG10 www.wwrug.com ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are"_