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Re: DevStudio Consuming own public WebService

Hi all

I think I resolved the issue...

Windows 7 Home Edition (64 Bit)
BMC Developer Studio installed into c:\program files (x86)\BMC Software\ARSystem\DeveloperStudio
Workspace: c:\users\dave\DeveloperStudio\clientname\

1. Setting the following into the devstudio.ini file does not work.

2. Setting the following data into the file below works.


Really hard to find setting and nothing in the KB about how to set it either. Hopefully this will help someone else.

I can now load EXTERNAL web services and load/consume internal ones by saving the WS to an XML/WSDL file and loading that into the filter Set Fields -> web services line. 

Dave Morgan

_attend WWRUG10 www.wwrug.com ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are"_