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Strange behaviour when checking the value of a text column on a table field, ARS 7.5


Hi guys,


I'm seeing some really strange behaviour, and I'd like to ask if anyone else has seen this.


Please bear with me while I describe the forms and fields involved...



I have tried Dev Studio 7.5 patch 2, 3, and 6.


The form AST:Application (and many others) has a table field - OSRelationship_tbl.


This table has a column - colOSRelationship_RelationshipName, field ID 301208100


The table definition uses a sample form - AST:SearchFromBase_Relationship


On the sample form, the field 'RelationshipName', referred to by the column above, has a field ID of 260000000


On the form AST:Application, there is also a field with an ID of 260000000 - Acquired Method (label is "Ownership Type"). This field is a selection field.



NOW, here's the interesting part...


I create an Active Link to check the value of 'colOSRelationship_RelationshipName' and perform some action. The 'Run If Qualification' is:


('colOSRelationship_InstanceID' != $NULL$) AND ('colOSRelationship_RelationshipName' = "BLAH")


When I try to save the AL, I get this error:


ERROR (1588): Value specified for selection not one of defined values for this field;  (BLAH).,  1588,  <AL Name>


If I replace the text "BLAH" in my AL with an integer - 0, 1, 2, etc. (using the _expression_ editor) the integer is replaced with the corresponding text value from the selection field 'Acquired Method'. Remember that 'Acquired Method' was the field on the local form with the same field ID as the field on the remote form referred to by the column field I'm checking.


So, it seems that when I try to access the column value, Dev Studio locates the field ID on the remote form, and then tries to validate my text against the local field, and since the local field is a selection field, it fails.



Sorry for the life story above, and thanks for reading this far. If anyone has seen this, or can reproduce this, or even better fix this, I would love to hear from you.




Matt Willis


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