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RKIM 7.2 Kills Tomcat Service


Long story short I have been trying to get RKM 7.2 to work and play nicely
with my current midtier installation 

Midtier 7.1 patch 11
Windows 2003 server
Tomcat 5.5.25

Scenario 1
Installed RKM with separate Tomcat
moved .jar files to Tomcat common/lib dir

RKM works fine midtier works fine until you do an advanced search and it
kills Tomcat.

Scenario 2

Installed RKM and Midtier using same Tomcat with IIS integration
Midtier stays stable
RKM won't open admin pages get "kms.web.controllers.AccessController:
Request is not secure, redirecting to<<servername>>" in stdout.log file

Advanced searches still won't work

Any suggestions


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