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WWRUG10 - Technical Session Sneak Peek #11 - Remedy in the Cloud; Success, Now and for the Future for your ITIL and ITSM projects


Learn about provisioning Remedy using Cloud Computing, how to affect cultural change by effective People Change Management for success, and the challenges met by “Socializing” your ITSM deployment.


For registration and more info: www.wwrug10.com



Reaching for the Clouds: AR System Implementation, provisioning, management and maintenance in the Cloud


Cloud Computing is the new Data Center. AR System can be efficiently implemented and maintained in a cloud

environment. BMC also has several offerings for provisioning and maintenance of AR System based applications in

the Clouds Environment.

This presentation will introduce the concept of Cloud Computing and offerings from BMC in the context of cloud.

If more time is available/provided, then this presentation can be delivered as a Tutorial.


The presentation will cover

1. Introduction to cloud computing.

2. Introduction to Infrastructure as a service(IAAS), Platform as a service(PAAS), and Software as a


3. AR System based implementations in the cloud.

4. BMC offering for Provisioning and Maintenance of instances in cloud.

5. BMC offering for PAAS and SAAS. Use of these offerings for profitable growth.

6. CMDB/ITSM for Cloud Computing Resources.

7. Use of features like Map/Reduce and products like Hadoop * to execute in few minutes, the batch jobs which

currently take few hours.

* Apache Hadoop is a software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications. It enables

applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data



People Change Management - the Key to Project Success


Implementing the ITIL Change Management process and application is just part of a successful project. The

technology solution isn't the hard part, its the culture change and adoption of the solution by people (a.k.a. Users)

that's the hard part. This presentation discusses this issue and offers recommendations for successful "people

change management" p for any project.


The best technical solution, training and documentation can still result in the business perception of project failure if

their staff resist or do not adopt the solution delivered. The primary reason for project failures is the lack of

acceptance and adoption by end-users. What are the reasons for this and what can be done to resolve these issues

before a project or solution is implemented? This presentation reviews the reasons and attributes for this issue and

offers recommendations based on actual projects in resolving them before and during project or solution deployment.



Social Engineering a Successful ITSM Deployment


Beyond the technical considerations, an ITSM deployment requires changes to the business processes people


Failure to properly address and manage these human factors is the greatest threat to the success of an ITSM


This presentation will address the project foundation that managers must build before the technical work begins, as

well as, the human factors to be considered during and after an ITSM deployment.


Project leadership is more than selecting a platform and tracking the progress of the technical tasks.

Deploying a new or upgraded ITSM environment has a huge impact upon the day-to-day operations of an


All too often the human factors, such as the natural resistance to change; conflicting goals; and improper training, will

prevent the success of a deployment.

Using real-world examples, this presentation will discuss the management mistakes that prevent technicians from

succeeding, and point the way towards total success.


Phil Bautista, WWRUG10 Advisory Board





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