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Re: escalations failing to execute

First of all I don't see why you need 3 escalations - 1 would do.
Just have a single escalation that checks for the 'Updated' flag, and have that escalation set a temp field lets say 'EscRun' to "YES" and then let Filters that have $USER$ = "AR_ESCALATOR" AND 'EscRun' = "YES" AND 'ACTIONFLAG' = 1 or 2 or > 2 as the case maybe perform the actions that you want...
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Subject: escalations failing to execute


Hi All,


I am trying to update records or insert a new record if it does not exist in the table... the workflow consists of three escalation timed to run ten minutes apart .....

all three escalation are associated to the same form (source)....

all three escalation update a field in the source form to trigger three "On Modify" filters

all three escalations have a very similar run if condition

                                                                                                ("Updated" "No" and 'ACTIONFLAG' = 1)

                                                                                                ("Updated" "No" and 'ACTIONFLAG' = 2)

                                                                                                ("Updated" "No" and 'ACTIONFLAG' > 2)


when the filters trigger they either update or add record or add a record


Problem: only one of the escalations executes .....I can't find enough information to find why the other two escalations are not running

has anyone experienced this problem? .... thank you


I have turned on the server escalation and filter logs but they are not helping to much....     


Any help is appreciated.






Windows server

AR System 7.5 patch 6

Incident Management application

SQL Server 2005 database



Jorge Polo

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