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Re: AR System 7.6.03 documentation now available - GA soon

Looks like the ARS beast needs to be tamed in its own VM cage ;-)


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** It is awesome!  During the beta I used the one for Window.  In less than an hour I had a full functioning ITSM/RKM/and whatever else was included in the stack installer.

Like any new product/feature I imagine people are going to run into some issues but BMC hit a home run with this one.  In general ARS 7.6.03 is awesome.

One note...  Now that ARS doesn't have the 2gb process memory limit (Windows anyway) it is a hungry little monster.  Unless there is some way of limiting the process memory; the days where you could run a single little VM on your laptop are gone.  At first we had an issue where Remedy was taking all of the memory and smothering SQL.  SQL would grind to a halt and wouldn't have enough resources to allow the Remedy start up to finish.  We were able to up the VM memory to 8gb and Remedy could then start.


On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 12:27 PM, Chowdhury, Tauf <Tauf.Chowdhury@frx.com> wrote:

Hey, the ITSM Pre-configured stack installation looks pretty useful. Does it work??


Tauf Chowdhury | Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Analyst, Service Management



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Hi All,


  I’m pleased to announce that AR System 7.6.03 was Released to Manufacturing (RTM) on August 20, 2010 and thus will GA very soon.  A customer’s chosen method of distribution (web vs. DVD, legacy vs. Suite) will have an effect on when the GA product is available, so different customers may gain access to it at different times.  However, I expect at this time that all distribution methods will be fulfilled by September 10th  2010.


  The documentation for 7.6.03, though, has already been posted to Support Central, so I wanted to let folks know that they can see the official documentation of what is new in 7.6.03 today, even before the GA code may become available.  The What’s New document can be found here:


What’s New: BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.6.03 PDF


  The other documentation guides have also been posted, so you can review it all if you so desire.   The general documentation page can be found here: http://webapps.bmc.com/support/faces/prodversion.jsp?prodverseqid=180461


 While I will do what I can to answer general questions on the ARSList about AR System 7.6.03, please remember that my participation in this forum is voluntary and in addition to my other duties at BMC.   Please proper channels (e.g. Support, your BMC sales representative or partner, etc.) where appropriate for issues that require an official response.


Thanks, enjoy and see you at WWRUG10 to talk in person about this exciting new release of AR System.


-David J. Easter

Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Service Management

BMC Software, Inc.


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