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New ARSmarts cool features

** Hello List,

A new build of ARSmarts (build 266) is available on our website.  The reason to release this new build is that it contains 2 new cool functionalities:

List Orphan Menu's

You can get a list of all the menu's that are not attached to any Field, neither statically as an attribute, nor dynamically through an Active Link Change Field action as described in the Workflow Object Guide (p 79).

To access this list, from the ARSmarts main window, chose Select --> Menu --> Orphan.

Wildcards on Search functionality

As you all know ;-) ;-) , the Search functionality of ARSmarts supports Regular Expressions.  Regular Expressions are very powerful, when you know the syntax.
In this new build, we added support for the 2 most widely used wildcards:
* matches any string of characters
? matches any single character.

If you want to search for *, use \*, if you want to search for ?, use \?

Best regards.


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