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Re: Issue with Data file and Data size while installing Remedy 9.0.01 in Linux

I am getting below error :

ORA-00904 : “OVERLAYGROUP” : Invalid identifier

and installer is still running, any ideas how should we proceed.

Should we stop the installer in between now ?

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 3:46 PM, vivek garg <anupgarg93@gmail.com> wrote:
what value we should give for our case for the below parameter :

Required for DB Only Upgrade where No File System is present and DB Version is older

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 3:32 PM, vivek garg <anupgarg93@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Jarl,

While running installer today, I gave the following option:


But installer end up with an error message saying "Invalid DatabaseUpgardeOption".
Please suggest what value we should in this case now ?


On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 7:26 PM, Jarl Grøneng <jarl.groneng@gmail.com> wrote:

Should not be an issue, but I would confirmed that upgrade from 7.1 to V9 is supported, you may go via v7.6.04.

The only option for Email Engine is if you want to run it in 32-bit mode or not. Email Engine is installed default, same with flashboard.



2016-01-05 11:53 GMT+01:00 vivek garg <anupgarg93@gmail.com>:

Ok, do you suggest that we should do it on Remedy data from 7.1 env.
Also how shall I install Email engine also with this install ?

What entry we should make for installing email engine ?

On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 2:56 PM, Jarl Grøneng <jarl.groneng@gmail.com> wrote:

We did copy the database (this was a 7.6.04 installation) to a new database-server, then did the installation/upgrade v901 on a new Linux server.

In earlier  versions of the installer you must specify install/upgrade/server-group, but with v 9 (and maybe also v8) the installer detects if there is a database responding with the information you specified.

If you install v9 on a clean app-server using the GUI, you must specify Install option, even if your goal is to upgrade the database. The Upgrade option is only if an earlier version is present on the app-server.


2016-01-05 8:19 GMT+01:00 vivek garg <anupgarg93@gmail.com>:
Hi Jarl,

Just to reconfirm before running the installer ,Did you also install after importing data(entire DB) from some other remedy env first and then install Remedy new version on top of that DB without specifying the value for field "-J BMC_DATABASE_OPTION= "

If  we do it this way, all tables of Remedy 7.1 will be upgraded to Remedy 9 ver. after installation?


On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Jarl Grøneng <jarl.groneng@gmail.com> wrote:


When doing an upgrade, and installing on a new server I have used this option:


Yes. And there is no need to specify these either:


2016-01-05 3:08 GMT+01:00 vivek garg <anupgarg93@gmail.com>:
Hi Abhijeet,

I am also doing the fresh Remedy 9 installation and having the same issue .

I have came across following options in options.txt file :
Database option
# For Pre-created database and tablespaces, set BMC_DATABASE_OPTION to nothing Example: -J BMC_DATABASE_OPTION=
# If Overwrite Option is used, tablespaces, Database Objects will be dropped and recreated.
#-J BMC_DATABASE_OPTION=<Overwrite|Upgrade|ServerGroup>
 Database data file name
# Enter the entire path name.

# Database data file size
# Enter the value in MB.

# New Temporary Tablespace required
Please help me with below queries : 
1. Shouldn't we need to give upgrade option while making entry for BMC_Database_Option as we have imported all tables and data from current prod env and now installing remedy 9 on top of it but instructions saying to keep it as Null.
2. do you mean to say when specifying values for Oracle DB parameters in our case for silent installation, we should not provide any value for fields like DBA_DATAFILE_NAME, DATAFILE_SIZE OR BMC_DATABASE_ORACLE_NEW_TEMP_TABLESPACE.
What values we should give for specifying oracle parameters now, our DB is ready with 200 GB data from Remedy 7.1 and we want to install remedy 9 with Upgrade option for DB so that it could update all table from Remedy 7.1 ?

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 7:50 PM, Gadgil, Abhijeet <Abhijeet_Gadgil@bmc.com> wrote:

In case of fresh install you can use pre-created database option, i.e. pre-create single tablespace with 8 data files and then follow steps mentioned under using precreated tablespace for installation

For upgrade you do not specify the data file path.


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I think if you check, that part of the silent install is used when ARS is creating the database not installing into an existing database.  It is used for setting the initial size of the data file(s).


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I am about to install the Remedy 9.0.01 using the Silent feature installation in Linux box.
Right now i have some issue with the DBA DataFile Name and its size.

As part of the Options file we need to give the DBA Data File Name path and in the next line we need to give its size.
But as we have got huge data DBA team has come up withe 8 Data files and the Data is 32GB.

How to map these 8 Data files to DBA Data File Name path and also please let me know whether we should give the Data size in MB or GB

With regards,
B.Vikram Simha Reddy.

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