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Re: Failing on ITSM (ARS) 9 install


Check the /opt/bmc/ARSystem/Logs directory (or equivalent on your system) for a file called arCacheOutput – what does it contain?  I’ve just seen a similar problem where I had not installed the compat-libstdc++-33.x.x.x.i686 package to provide the 32 bit libstdc++.so.5 file required by the arcache binary. 


The install process goes something like this – connect to db and create minimal tables, install server binaries, start server, create temp installer user account using arcache, import remaining forms/workflow from defs.  If arcache fails to create the temp install account then you’re left with a running server but you have no users and a lot of missing forms.





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Hi Folks,


CentOS – Oracle 12c (isolated PDB) – attempting to install ARS 9.


I am trying to install 9. 


During the install process (of ARS server only)  I get this error:


THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Error from RIKJ command],Detail=[Your login failed, but connected as a guest user.]}


After a bunch of these errors, the install claims to have failed BUT an arsystem start command brings it up – alas with no logins allowed – at least using the API & the mid-tier.  Obviously I will have missed some important forms and data during the install.


Anyone run into this while installing ITSM 9?


What value does in the AR System Administrator prompt?  I tried Demo with no password and Demo with a password.



Ben Chernys



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