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Drop down in a table


This may seem like a newbie question, but I've never had to do this before ...

In a table (specifically the change approvers on CHG:Infrastructure Change, ITSM 7.6 on a 7.5 server), we have added an "approver role" option - it can be readily edited via table drill down.

I have been asked if it can be made a drop down.  That is easy enough, the problem then becomes triggering workflow to filter that change through to the underlying data.  Create an active link, the only options when the table column field is selected are "Gain focus" and "Lose focus".  Neither of these triggers the active link.  The option for "Menu choice" that you would normally use on active link/drop down processing isn't available.

This is being done via the 8.1 Dev Studio, application is being run under the 7.6.04 User Tool - I've tried the 7.0 Admin Tool, that gives the option for Menu choice, but that doesn't work either.  And installing the v7.5 Dev Studio isn't a readily available option due to corporate application installation policy.

So .... suggestions?

An embarrassed thank you in advance!



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