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Installing ARSystem on a "shared" system

Hello Listers,
ARS 8.1.x
MS SQL Server 2013 (11.0.5613)
Windows 2013
I’m testing a move to a shared server and I was asked to install BMC Remedy ARSystem on an alternate Drive letter.
It’s been so long since I’ve done a new install I forget if there is an option for this.
I would assume that Java would still be on C:\Program Files\Java\... but the BMC Software install directory will be somewhere on the E: drive.
Since the instructions say to navigate the area where you want to install I guess I can but will there be assumptions made by other steps in the process that I started in c:\program files\BMC Software?
Thank you,
John J. Reiser
Building 760-J202
Remedy Developer/Administrator
Senior Software Development Analyst
Lockheed Martin - MST Moorestown Region
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