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Re: Upgrade ITSM from 7.6.04 SP3 to 9.0.01

I would completely agree with David here, new environment clean build and move over just your customisations that are still required (rather than any bug fixes for old versions or functionality that is replaced with v9.1). Of course that sounds like the costly option but decommission the old hardware/virtual environments and you end up with an ITSM environment fit for the future, in support and able to cope with the requirements of ITSM v9.x.

A clean v9.x install will generally be faster, easier to support and of course easier to upgrade to the next ITSM version. You will of course still need to review the customizations you have applied to your current system and decide what you need to retain, but that is of course best practice with an upgrade anyway.

While ITSM 9.1 data wizard is vastly superior to older versions and far more capable of managing the data in your production environment, what it will not do is handle the data migration from your old version. You will want to migrate over the foundation data, and the transactional data onto ITSM 9.x . This is an ideal time to clean up data, remapping Prod cats and Op Cats etc. and potentially archive some of the tickets that you no longer need direct access to. 

We use our Customer Move Tool (more info http://www.alderstone.com/cmt) for the migration from previous ITSM versions to the latest, as we can migrate all modules data or a reduced set (including extracting single companies and migrating just their data), depending on your requirements. In general we've been able to move all data within one day and the upgrade process becomes very smooth indeed. Please let me know if you would like to talk about this in more detail or I can set up a Demo of our migration tool to show you the flexibility and power of the application.

In the mean time if you have specific questions around upgrades, please let me know.



Sean Harries
Alderstone Consulting Ltd

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On 21 January 2016 at 03:19, Su Kaur <remedyissues@gmail.com> wrote:
We are also planning to do an upgrade from 7.6.04 to 9.0.01. Ours is a highly customized system. All the development is in base development mode, no overlays and none of the ITSM modules being used.
We have a separate app and mid tier server using SQL Server.
Since the configuration of current prod is not good and its all messed up, we are thinking of setting up a new 9.x server. 
What would be our best bet? Copy data and then upgrade? Would this move all the customizations?


On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Daniel Wu <danielwu@cox.net> wrote:
** Thanks Warren. I was posting a question on your chain at the same time. I appreciate the link you sent. I'd be sure to check it out. You can answer my question here in my posting chain, if you like. 

In our particular environment, I will have to stance up another instance and run in parallel to compare, then do the cut over. And that won't be the live system.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, Warren R. Baltimore II <warrenbaltimore@gmail.com> wrote:

We just completed the upgrade from 7.6.04 to 9.0.01.  For the most part it was relatively easy albeit a VERY long process.  I strongly urget that you take a look at this link if you haven't.  We followed this process and found it to work quite well. https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/brid90/Upgrading+from+a+version+7.6.04+or+8.0.xx.

Some things to keep in mind.  When you are working on the Reconciliation, you must have a copy of your current installation running on a network that your development server can see.  This is necessary so that the developers studio can connect with both for the "compare and contrast" part of the show.  This part can take awhile depending on the number of customizations you have made.  Don't make the mistake that I made and not take the time to really look at them.  I ended up losing some things that I really needed....

The problems we have run into since Monday when we went live are these:
  • Reports can no longer be unlimited.  Even though the flags are set for the 3 properties in config.properties on the mid tier servers are set to 0, they seem to be interpreted as default which limits reports to 2000.  I got around this issue by setting a ridiculously high number (2,000,000).
  • Email Servers are not leaving the "Waiting" State on the Failover Whiteboard.  Thus they don't send/receive.  If we manually set the primary to "Active" then they work fine.  I just have to monitor that till I get a fix from BMC.
  • I have a number of users who are no longer able to submit incidents.  Some are receiving error messages that they do not have the right permissions (they do) and one is being told to provide information for the ticket that no one else has ever been required to provide.  One other person cannot get to the people search form from the incident form.  He is told that he doesn't have the appropriate permissions.
  • Some users are complaining that they are not receiving their notification....  Not sure about this one.

That said, this has been one of the easiest upgrades I've gone through (the actual upgrade of production).  We worked on it for a couple of months, and practiced quite a bit, but all of the preparation really helped.

We started the actual work on last Friday at 6 pm and finished the last install at 6 pm on Sunday.  My partner and I worked the upgrade straight through (taking turns for some shut eye).  That was to upgrade 3 app servers and 3 mid tier servers.

Hope that gives you some idea....

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 11:51 PM, David Charters <david@charterstechnologies.com> wrote:

9.x has a very cool data manger you will want to use for data. Custom objects export and import or if there are not too many do it by hand. 9.x is so different you might not want or need those customizations. Have you done a gap analysis yet to create the requirments?


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** Thank you, David. I think we are going to set up the new environment just as you described. My concern would be those overlays and custom objects. Would there be any major issues causing the obj import to fail, so we will have to recreate those objects? Also when you say "copy data", what did you mean by that? Is it export to arx then import?

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016, David Charters <david@charterstechnologies.com> wrote:

My recommendation having done this would be to bring up a 9.x server fresh, copy data and cut over. Don't try to upgrade from 7.6.4 to 9.x. The ITSM and Remedy database models are too different.

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Subject: Upgrade ITSM from 7.6.04 SP3 to 9.0.01

Is there any major issue upgrade from ARS 7.6.04 SP3 to 9.0.01 ?
We are considering upgrade options. And we are debating from 8.1.02 vs. 9.0.01.
Any help or guides is much appreciated.

About our ITSM 7.6.04 SP3:
sitting on unix based Oracle 11gR2 DB
App Server is separated with Mid Tier server.

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