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Editable tables


Still working on editable tables - basics seem to be okay for some fields .... but not for the one that I'm wanting to edit.

This is on ITSM 7.5 change; on the approvers table (CHG:ChangeAPDetail) we have an approval role field - drop down with options of Business, Technical and Peer.  Users can drill down to the table, set the role as appropriate, save and proceed with the change.

This approval role field has been added to the table z2TH_ChgApprovals and has been set to editable - it appears as a drop down.  Another field has been added with a button that calls the workflow to push the updated value to the backend form.  However, the active link triggered picks up the correct approval record, but the value in the drop down is showing as blank.

I have tried the same process with the "Approval Status" (z2TF_ChgApprovalStatus) in table, that is fine - however there is a potential crucial difference.

The approval status field is shown with permissions of :
Name=Public, Type=Change, Permission=View
Name=General access, Type=Role, Permission=Change

The approval role field has been added as :
Name=Public, Type=Change, Permission=View
Name=General Access, Type=Role, Permission=View

Both fields have the same permissions in CHG:ChangeAPDetails, but they differ on the approvals table within the change.

I cannot amend any of the table entries to have this Permission=Change - even the approval status field, if removed, cannot be added back with this permission.

I am probably missing something here with the permissions, so far colleagues haven't got any suggestions either - so any ideas welcome!


Dave Barber
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