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7.6.04 to 9.x migration - in house application


We have an in house developed incident management application that is currently running on ARS 7.6.04/Solaris/Oracle.  We're starting the process of database upgrades (from 10 to 12) in order to support ARS9.

One of our dev instances has already gone through the upgrade, and aside from a slight behaviour issue (which will be discussed below), it all seems pretty good.  Similar performance, despite our ridiculously old hardware.

Onto the behaviour issue.

We have a few points where a user will key in a partial company or contact name, and a list will then be presented.  On 7.6.04 this works fine, list of the potentially matching companies or contacts is displayed, along with a few related fields to help the user choose.

On v9, fields in the selection list with nothing in them (ie. "null") are actually displayed with the word "null", rather than being presented with, well, nothing.  This is from a set fields/search, if multiple records found, present a list.

We are currently accessing the application via the 7.6.04 (SP4) user tool.  We don't actually have the mid-tier installed on our legacy developer instances.

Assuming I have explained this adequately, is this difference in behaviour being caused by a minor compatibility issue between the v9 server and the 7.6.04 user tool?


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