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Re: 9.1 Upgrade Change HostID


Is this a system where the hardware people had to “override” or “clone” the MAC address? 




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Frank, are there multiple NIC's in the machine?  I 100% agree that the host id should not change on an upgrade, but 8.x and 9.1 use different code bases c/java, so it's possible that Java is making the equivalent call to the OS but getting a different value if there are multiple host ids....the best bet is to re-license with the new host id.


On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 9:15 AM, Frank Caruso wrote:

I understand the MAC "could" change but the history of this server is that it has had the same license key (therefore MAC) for the last two years. It was only when the ARS 9.1 upgrade was run did the hostid change. When I checked BMCs web site I can find the original license key and host id and the hostid is different from what is being shown on the Add/Remove license screen.





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