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Re: Introducing BMC Innovation Suite - Launch Webinar - Dec 7


I would say that Innovation Suite is same same but different. You can still do non-coding-development.

For the fancy stuff we could not accomplish before, you might want to dust off your Java or JS/HTML/CSS skills, or you could just let someone else do the coding. Either with ready built components you download or after your specifications.

But our old Remedy applications will live on side by side for many years to come. Or you might even choose to build new applications in the Developer Studio.

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November 8, 2016 6:26 PM, "Jason Miller" <jason.milja2@gmail.com> wrote:
FYI, BMC is hosting a launch webinar for the new Innovation Suite on Dec 7. This is a completely new way to build Remedy apps. If you haven't heard of or know much about Innovation Suite you may want to attend this event.
When I say "new way to build Remedy apps" the old way (Dev Studio) doesn't change with this release. Innovation Suite only adds functionality so there is no need to panic that our job is completely changing (yet).
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