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AREA failures



This is probably an easy one for the vets, but my Googlefu is weak.  On an ARS 9.1 (no ITSM) system, I have been attempting to set up AREA to authenticate via LDAP.  Authentication is failing.  I was trying to use LDAPS, but I have reverted back to just LDAP so that I can eliminate any issues regarding SSL for now.  The user account that I'm using as my test is present in the User form with a blank password.  Since I don't know if the listserv allows for screenshots, here are the settings that I have.

EA tab in Server Information


RPC Program Number:  390695

RPC timeout:  30

Need To Sync:  300

Authenticate Unregistered Users:  not checked

Cross Reference Blank Password:  checked

Authentication Chaining Mode:  AREA - ARS

Group Mapping:  blank

Ignore Excess Groups:  checked

AREA LDAP Configuration


Host Name:  ldap.etsu.edu

Port Number:  389

Bind User:  domain\username

Bind Password:  (supplied)

User Secure Socket Layer:  No

Failover Timeout:  5

Chase Referral:  No

User Base:  ou=FacStaff,dc=etsu,dc=edu

User Search Filter:  cn=$\USER$

Group Membership:  None

Nothing else is filled in on the AREA configuration form.  With the User Base, an issue I'm going to run into with that is that user accounts are placed in different OUs based on their status with the university.  I had tried a User Base of just "dc=etsu,dc=edu", but I don't know if that will work.

I would appreciate any assistance with this.


--Dustin Fawver

HelpDesk Technician

East Tennessee State University

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_