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Custom apps + Remedy v9.1?




We’re currently on ARS v8.1.02 and run nothing but custom apps.  One of those apps is a help desk app that was designed easily 15+ years ago.  It’s had some tweaks and upgrades but is long in the tooth and support management wants something “user friendly/self service” but at the same time, I need to keep our custom apps (financials change mgt, textbook tracking, etc).  We also have our tech inventory in a custom form and are considering using BMC’s offering there as well.  I’m talking with our BMC rep about upgrading 9.1.


I’m hoping some of you out there are running mixed tools; custom apps supported by the ARS engine and then also running BMC’s apps -  ITSM or Service Innovation, CMDB, and so on. 



How hard was it to migrate your custom apps up to 9.1?

Could you integrate parts of it using  the form overlays in Developer Studio?


We already have servers on site and so would not be running this “cloud based.”


Thanks for the insight!


Carina Burns Randolph

Database Administrator

Richardson ISD, Information Svcs.




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