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Re: CMDB Deprecated classes for 9.1




You are not finding any information about deprecated classes as there are none between 7.6.04 and 9.1.


There are only two points in time where we have removed classes


Between 1.0 and 2.0 back in 2005 or 2006 timeframe.   This was when we removed probably ½ of the classes as there were way too many and they were not useful.  It was actually the #1 most appreciated “new feature” in 2.0.   There was no deprecation feature at that time so the classes were simply removed.


Back in the 7 or so range, the BMC_Impact class was deprecated as we moved the concept of impact from a separate and special class into being a part of every relationship within the CMDB and so an intimate and integral part of the system.  We introduced the concept of a deprecated class at that release so that if you referenced this class, we still “interpreted” its existence off the data in other relationships.


That is it.  There have been no other classes removed since that time.   As you note, we have added some attributes to classes and maybe even a few classes, but nothing has been removed in the window you are looking at.


Doug Mueller


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Hi Folks,


We are planning to upgrade CMDB 7.6.04 to 9.1, could you please let me know where i can get the information for deprecated classes in 9.1, in BMC documentation i haven't find anything mentioned for deprecation class.


i only found information related to addition but not deprecation as per below link:-




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