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Notify Template Question

Hi there,

we build a email template form in which a user can define the subject, text etc, of emails and even use some fields from the form he defines the notification for. For that he has to create a mapping of the variable and the field.

So our central notify filter looks like this

Subject $subject$
Text $text$

Everything works almost as expected. We process the template populating the variables with values. However when don’t know what to do with keywords. When the user writes $\TIMESTAMP$ in the template and we pass a text like this to the Notify filter:

My beautiful email text, it’s $\TIMESTAMP$

then for some reason the $\TIMESTAMP$ doesn’t get populated. “$TIMESTAMP$” works, but then you have “” which you maybe don’t want…

Another issue we have is access to the history fields like ‘status history.new.TIME’. This also doesn’t get resolved either.

Yes, we know one could use the AR System Email Templates for this, but it’s not as convenient as just writing a template that one can see in one place.

BTW, is it possible to tell the Notify action get your text from field and at the same time make it replace the fields and keywords automatically?

Any suggestions how to solve these issues?

Thank you

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