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Re: Not able to search PKE on Global Search


I am not sure what you mean by PKE so I don't know what subsystem this is.

But, that is really not the critical issue here.

First, I would check settings for how the fields on the form you are interested in are configured.  There is a configuration for Search that can be set to FTS, MFS, or both.  MFS stands for Multi-form search.  If a field is only indexed for FTS, a search on the form will use FTS to search it.  However, the field will not participate in a global search -- which is a multi-form search.   If you want the field to be involved in a multi-form search, it must be configured for either MFS or for both MFS and FTS.  This is a single configuration setting with multiple options.  Check the options on all the fields of interest as it could be that none of the fields or the field that has the data you are searching for are not MFS indexed.

Second, I would check the global search configuration to make sure that you have specified that ALL forms should be searched.  You are allowed to specify which forms are included in a global search.  So, if you have not included the PKE form in the list of forms that are being searched, that form will not be searched regardless of how indexed.  You can specify that ALL forms that have MFS indexed fields should be searched.  Check the configuration here to make sure that your form is included.

Third, if both of the above are correctly configured, can you create a dummy entry where you put some clear string in a field that is MFS indexed and make sure that the form is included in the global search.  Does it find it?  If so, then if other data is not being found, you should consider reindexing that table -- maybe the index is corrupted.  If that is not found, then a careful look at the flow is needed.  You can turn on FTS logging to confirm that the new entry gets indexed.  There are other logs where you can start tracking searches and other operations to see where things are breaking down.   I would look at involving the support team to help here if you have confirmed the configuration above and tested an individual item and it still isn't finding anything.

Doug Mueller

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Subject: Not able to search PKE on Global Search

Hello Expert,

I'm trying  to search PKE on global search but did get any result. I m able to successfully perform global search for other items( INC, Problem, change
etc...) apart from PKE. 

I have checked and found FTS is running without any issues.

Please guide me where else can be checked for this issue.


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