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Re: SmartReporting over SSL in DMZ

Hi Brian,

We also had similar situation not for smart reporting but for actual midtier access, basically you will need help from your network team which generally ask you to host one midtier in DMZ zone [public ip] which in turn talks to your private network setup. Not sure how much BMC can help here considering its internal to your infra/network but can take guidance from them for performance perspective.

Vinod Gaidhani.

On Dec 7, 2016, at 6:14 PM, Brian Pancia <panciab@FINITYIT.COM> wrote:


Trying to setup SmartReporting over SSL in a DMZ.  DMZ users are using a public IP and the servers have private IP's setup.  We can setup everything behind the firewall using private IP's.  Using the private IP's doesn't work from a user standpoint, so we need to use the public IPs for the SmartReporting/Mid-Tier config.  This is a standard web architecture from a security standpoint.  The configuration in Mid-Tier controls the Smart Reporting link in ITSM.  I'm not sure what else it does.  Support has not been able to find an answer for this.  Has anyone else been able to get this configuration to work.  We are on 9.1



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