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Re: Outgoing email messages



You need to check in the directory where the email process is running and check the log files generated by the process.

The Remedy based logs and forms are really not much use here, so you need to check the process logs for the email process.


e.g. ….\BMC Software\ARSystem\AREmail\Logs


The stderr and stdout will tell you what is going on e.g. bad password, cannot identify server, etc.


Best to clear the logs and when you restart see what they tell you.






Kind Regards,


Carl Wilson



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Is there a (hopefully) easy way to see if the email engine is actually trying to process outgoing email messages?  I have several piling up in the queue.  This is on an ARS 9.1 system, currently in development.  It was working sometime last month when I was getting things running.  After I was done with them, I disabled the mailboxes.  When I re-enabled them, it just stopped flowing.  I am using SMTP as the transport method.


Things I have done.


- Deleted system messages that were in the queue, both sent and unsent, and created new messages.

- Deleted the mailboxes and recreated them via the AR System Administration: Console

- Changed server settings to a different server.


There are no errors being show in the AR System Email Messages form.  The Send Message column has "Yes" next to each of the messages.  The Date Sent field is empty.  There are no records in the AR System Email Error Logs form.  Outgoing mailbox is set to poll once a minute.


I have other things to do on the server, so I'm not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  I wanted to get this out to the experts to hopefully get a swift resolution to this issue.  I won't be able to go live without it.  😊




--Dustin Fawver


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_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_