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Rich text fields in reports



I am currently working on moving over to ARS 9.1.  We are currently using ARS 7.1 in production.  On that system, one of our forms has a character field named Details where any HTML-formatted content gets converted to plain text.  The technicians click on a button which runs a macro that creates an AR System report sent to the tech's printer.  The report contains particular fields, but not all that are on the form.

I have been able to successfully recreate the process using an Open Window active link to both an AR System and a Web report.  What I have changed is that the Details field on the development system has been set to Rich Text.  This works beautifully on the form itself.  In the report, all of the HTML tags are shown.  I've looked through the standard report pages in the online BMC documentation.  I haven't found any sort of way to make it work to where the HTML content is nicely formatted on the report.

In case this matters, we don't have a Crystal Reports or a Business Objects server to which to send a report.  I don't have Smart Reporting available either as we're not running ITSM.  Do you think I need to create a new display-only form with which to format the data?


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