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Incoming email stopped at MS exchange inbox

Hello Listers,
I’m having some difficulty with my ARSystem Server 8.1.0. Yes I’m falling behind.
Two days ago the email engine stopped receiving email for the MS Exchange inbox.
When I check the account’s inbox in outlook there are 10 messages waiting but they never get pulled in to the AR System Email Messages form.
While trying to correct this issue I managed to break the email engine completely. It turns out the EmailDaemon.Properties password section was out of synch with the Application password.
Resetting it with emailstart.bat –p <password> didn’t correct it. I had to manually type it into the System Administrator console Application Service Password field and then kick start the ARSystem service.
So now outgoing email seems to be working ok but the MS Exchange inbox still has the 10 messages.
We use POP3 for incoming and SMTP for outbound. Both are set for email server SSL and there is nothing in the stderr.log of the AREMail\Logs directory after 20 minutes.
Has anyone come across such a case and have any ideas where to look to troubleshoot this.
We use the incoming email to process PDF based requests and the resulting attachments in a form is our “paper trail”.
Thanks in advance,,
John J. Reiser
Building 760-J202
Remedy AR System Developer
Senior Software Development Analyst
Lockheed Martin - RMS Moorestown Region
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