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Re: Places to Configure Midtier-Server


Hi Sam,

This may help you: https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-7710 .



Hi, this is a little side project I have been working on to help automate some of the settings and references that are required to be updated after a DB

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Subject: Places to Configure Midtier-Server

Dear All


We made a dump of the ARSystem database from our productive system. Our productive system is BMC Remedy 8.1. We restored that dump on our development system and installed BMC Remedy 9.1.02 on our development system. Now our development system tries to do requests from DEV-SYSTEM-HOST:some-port to PROD-MIDTIER-HOST:443. These requests come out of this process:


"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_66\bin\java" -Xmx512m -classpath "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\plugins\shared;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\plugins;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\arpluginsvr91_build001.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\arapi91_build001.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\arutil91_build001.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\log4j-1.2.14.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\cmdbapi91.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\plugins\websvcjava91_build001.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\plugins\federation\lib\axis.2.1.4_all.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\plugins\federation\lib\axis2-kernel-1.4.jar;C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\sdk\bin\cmdbbol91.jar" com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.ARPluginServerMain -x DEV-SYSTEM-HOST -i "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem"


The parent process of the above mentioned process is armonitor.exe. I checked the form SLM:ConfigPreferences if there is a configuration which points to our productive midtier server: What other forms could I check? Are there other places that I could check?






_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_
_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_