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Code sync/timing issues?


We've recently moved our in-house applications from Remedy 7.6 (running on Solaris/Oracle - 2 user facing servers, with one of those handling admin functions) to Remedy 9.1.02 (running on RHL/Oracle - 2 x user facing servers, 1 x admin/integration server).

On the "old" servers, we never had any issues with code sync - amend a filter, and it was pretty much updated on both production servers right away.

On the new servers, we're experiencing inconsistent delays - amend a filter on the admin/integration server, and it can be anything up to 90 minutes before that filter update is reflected on the other two production servers.  Similar issues have been experienced on forms too.

The application is not (yet) updated for the mid-tier, so access is still via the WUT.  Any suggestions?

(We're expecting the mid-tier update to be ready later in the year)


Dave Barber
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