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javascript syntax to set a Remedy field for timezone offset (help please!)

Could someone please help me with syntax here? I am not familiar with _javascript_ at all, but I need to run this _javascript_ to grab the timezone offset: (new Date().getTimezoneOffset());

Here is the syntax I'm currently using in the Run Process of the Active Link to put the value into a Remedy field (which results in the "Function not supported (ARERR 9369) Error):
_javascript_:F(885580926).S(new Date().getTimezoneOffset());

It seems like the function SHOULD be supported, as they do something similar with an active link in this OOB Active Link: RKM:KBI:SearchResults_GetCurrChunk
Run Process command:
_javascript_:F(302258823).S(new IntegerType(F(302258813).mChunkPage));

Thank you in advance!
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