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Re: SSL on Mid Tier with Load Balancer

If you are front ending Tomcat with IIS, the typical setup for that is the jakarta plugin.  By default, this uses the AJP connection, not one of the standard 8080 or 8443....so, unless you want to be able to access Tomcat independent of IIS, you don't even need to define them...

Beyond that I'm not sure there is much else you need to do, but I'm not a SSL/IIS/Tomcat expert...

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 3:02 PM, jham36 <jham36@gmail.com> wrote:
We are setting up a new 9.1 mid tier server running on windows server 2012.  We will use IIS with tomcat and our load balancer will hold the ssl cert.
We contacted support to get all of our ducks in a row before diving in.  You all know how that went.
Just looking for advice on iis and tomcat configuration and port settings to support this setup.
Anything special we need to do?  I assume we will have to have iis listening on port 443.  Should tomcat be listening on 8443?

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_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_