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Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: need input about data migration after Upgrade


The last time I installed the tool, DDM had seperate folder structures with the instructions, mapping files, etc per version.

When you run DDM, you select the "from-to" servers and the tool fetches the server versions - that's how it knows which mappings to use.

Link to the docs:
I have used DDM strictly as a bulk data pump (which it was *not* designed for) and it is *aggravatingly* slow. Speed varies based on robustness of the environment and per record data sizes (ie attachments in worklogs, etc), but I was getting about 100 records every 8 to 16 or so seconds. Pretty awful. I was only moving less than 200k records, so it was tolerable.

However, the benefit is that the tool handles cross version mappings and worked spot on accurately - even for custom forms & fields.

Hope this helps!
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