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archgid utility doesn't reflect new ids in workflow

Hello Team,
Greetings! Hope you guys are doing great!
I was just changing few custom field ids to bmc recommended ids using utility/command  "archgid" and found below issues:
1. AR Server become very slow to respond though i was changing id for single field.
2. New field is wasn't reflected into Filter(any other workflows) PFA snapshot
This is not first time i faced these issues, I was doing same on 2 different environments and faced same both times.
I have used below command, please let me know if I am missing something.
archgid -c 2 -s form name -f field name -i newfieldID -u userID -p password -x servername -t port
Could someone let me know why its not changing new ids into workflows. Then what is use of this command/utility.
Nilesh Janjire

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