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Report questions


Greetings, Listers!

I have a couple of hopefully easy questions regarding web reports in ARS 9.1.02.  I don't have access to Smart Reporting as I don't have ITSM.  I have generated the reports from within the Report Console.

Date-based qualifications


The first question regards a report that I have scheduled to run at 1:00am on the first day of the month that sends a list report in PDF format to different group managers detailing the time-off requests that their direct reports made for the prior month.  I currently have it set up where the qualification explicitly defines the first and last day of the previous month.  While this works, I would rather automate this by using a keyword instead of modifying the qualification each month.  From my searches on Google, I have generated this qualification.

(('First Day of Leave' >= $\DATE$ - (86400 * 30) AND 'First Day of Leave' < $\DATE$) OR ('First Day of Leave' < $\DATE$ - (86400 * 30) AND 'Last Day of Leave'  >= $\DATE$ - (86400 * 30)))

This produces the same results that the 'fixed' qualification gives me.  What I'm wondering is since $DATE$ will be defined as the first day of the month, will it produce the correct results for months that do not have 30 days?

Column width


In a different PDF report, the last digit of the Request ID is being truncated from the view.  The Request ID is the first column of the report.  Is there a way to widen that column aside from possibly removing another column from the report?


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