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chat in smart it


I've a problem with chat in Smart IT.
Smart IT and openfire are installed on the same server.
I'm able to connect to chat from ITSM 8.1. but not from Smart IT 1.5.01
In Smart IT chat is still disabled.

connect.properties file contains:

#MyIT server host and port, this is required for Chatter integration
myit.server.host = drkosh.corp.tele2.com
myit.server.port = 9000
chat.server.cm.host = drkosh.corp.tele2.com
chat.server.client.port = 5222
chat.server.admin.login = irinsola
chat.server.admin.password = <passw>
chat.server.groupChatService = conference
chat.server.admin.pool.size = 6
chat.server.boshUrl = http://drkosh.corp.tele2.com:7070/http-bind/
chat.server.domain = drkosh.corp.tele2.com
api.token.XrspqYebnjfsppAzwOmpPeGmNyNavjDkAdnMMMwQpvNrttEbXARIAAvNTzVPvMpSVgbRBPZgsBFkqyQeMnArTfzpiQKSWtXxCwCqPCUXcXQleLlLJGNMWWxKMPguZpwo = 03968323-2f63-4021-aaab-e69405338e67

I'm able to see my connection from openfire admin console:

but in Smart IT chat is not available (red).

Both - monitor and Smart plugins are available.

Could you please give me some advice what else I need to check?

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