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Timestamp default value - weird problem


We have a form, used as part of a notifications system, it has a 255 character field with a default value as $TIMESTAMP$.  So in theory it should store a value 02/05/2017 08:13:40 (UK/GMT date format)

We've recently gone through a series of upgrades, from Remedy 7.6.04 (on Solaris) to 9.1.02 (RHL).  All of our old test environments bar one have gone through an upgrade from 7.6.04 to 9.1.02 - and we have a range of dev/test environments that have always been on 9.1.02, with a copy of the database from one of the older environments.

"Bar one" is an important point - the only remaining 7.6.04 system is happily working as expected.  Every other system is storing the date in this field in UNIX format (ie. 1493712820).

I cannot figure out why this is happening - I've made a copy of the form, it behaves as expected.  I've created a new form and set $TIMESTAMP$ - works as expected.  But on this one form it isn't .... some strange form/field corruption?

Any suggestions as to a way forward with this?


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