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Re: External Email Restriction and Validation check

Were you wanting it to take the string of email addresses and strip out the ones that were not test.com, or were you wanting it to throw an error saying that you couldn't send to any because the list contains an invalid to?

On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 12:16 AM, syed Ziyan <syedziyan08@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Team, 

We would like to implement one validation check while sending email to External email address via CTM:Email System form (Email System Link in Incident Form > Opens this form)

Requirement is to validate external email from list of emails 

aa@test.com; bb@test.com; cc@NOTEST.com; dd@test.com..> to restrict email sending if we have any email address that is NOT "test.com".. 

We can have a AL on button "Send Email Now" on this form (CTM:Email System) .. but cant prepare the substring logic of verifying the wrong/external email address out of list of email addresses. 

Looking forward your help.. 

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_