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Re: Server Alias Production and COOP

In the past I have used DNS, but that's problematic because dns has local caches (on machines) and such, the much more elegant solution is load balancers, this is typically done between two or more machines within the server group of course, but if you have an alternate lb (load balanced load balancer) in your coop site that the primary lb talks to, then when you want to switch to your coop, the LB simply points to the other site, it's just like you are in a server group that only half of which is being used, then when it's time to COOP, the other half gets used and the first half doesn't...

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 8:19 AM, Brian Pancia <panciab@finityit.com> wrote:

We have a number of integrations with our remedy environment using web services.  We want to seamlessly switch between Production and COOP without impacting the integrations, since the remedy application server name is in the mid-tier url.  I'm assuming we can setup a DNS server alias and then just mess with DNS when switching between environments.  How have other people managed this and are there any things to lookout for?  Ideally I would like to be able to swap in and out of environments without the integrations or end users realizing we are switching.

Current sample settings, names changed to protect the innocent:



Would like both to use:




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