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Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: What's new in ARS 9.x?

Just a few comments - in the last 10 years we've moved from ARS 7->7.6->9.1 (we skipped 8, although we do have some 8.1 instances elsewhere in the business)

- Archiving / Associations
The archiving is an enhancement over what was previously available, good implementation

- Remedy SSO
SSO was already available - we have it on our 8.1 installs.  That is not really a new feature.

- Zero downtime upgrades
This would really be of interest as to how it should be handled, as we currently have outages when we go through upgrades (on a recent patch we had an outage)

- New Rich-text Editor
Don't often see this, but it is quite nice :)

As a general observation - moving from 7.6/user tool to 9.1/mid tier, we've actually had a variable performance hit - the mid-tier is slower than the user tool.  We've done everything we can to improve performance, and can't get away from the fact that the mid-tier is slower.


Dave Barber

On 2 December 2017 at 17:48, Adams, Peter <Peter_Adams@bmc.com> wrote:
Hi Dustin,

BMC has always had a company-wide restriction not to publicly talk about specific release dates and details about enhancements in new versions prior to GA release.  There is an option to get additional detailed insight into upcoming releases by participating in our beta programs, and I recommend to anyone who’s interested in participating in future Remedy beta program to follow this page: https://communities.bmc.com/community/programs   Unfortunately, for the upcoming release, the beta program has been closed a while ago.

Beyond that, we share some very high-level info as part of roadmap sessions (both 1:1 with customers and at customer events).

But on the flip side: we are very close to GA of the new feature release. And yes, it has many exciting new features for the core Remedy AR System platform. Of course there’ll be enhancements in other areas too. So, stay tuned. More details to be provided once the release is GA.

Best regards,