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Re: Best way to delete records

We are working on a mass delete system as well, to remove a section of data belonging to one group. In addition to the concerns of the mass delete of a number of records, I am also looking for an efficient way to remove their child/transactional records as well. While the parent records can be found with a simple query on the company name, this field is not on most of the related records. Instead I am left with a list of parent record ids. I am looking at ways to feed these in process-able chunks to other delete commands for the related records. 

I am looking for the fastest and least error-prone method on ITSM 8.1 as this will likely need to run during a maintenance window.

Any advice on what deletion processes are the most efficient and/or handy tricks to clear out related entries using other methods? I am currently considering workflow, Pentaho Spoon and workflow generated SQL.

Also, any references for ITSM 8.1 data models (an ERD for each of the applications would be really handy) would be greatly appreciated.

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I had worked on a requirement were we had to purge records. What we did was, take SQL logs and check all the dependent tables that gets affected.

Create a SQL job that mimics the same functionality and include it in Scheduled job. The best part of this solution was, it was powerful and silent. No ARS service downtime.

Hope this helps.





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We have a form in Remedy that we upload user access information into on a bi-weekly basis. (There is about 300,000 rows)  Prior to uploading the data to the form,  we delete all of the current records and then upload the new data.  We have been using the Application-Query-Delete-Entry in an escalation Run process to delete the records.  This process worked fine in version 8.1 but has stopped working in version 9.1.3.  I did find an issue related to the Application-Query-Delete-Entry causing a memory leak which causes the deletion to fail.  It was supposed to have been fixed in patch 1 but we are still seeing the issue after installing the patch.  Which brings me to my question, is there a better way to delete all the records other than using the Application-Query-Delete-Entry?  As a work around for now we set up a job on the SQL server to truncate the data but I am not sure that is a good work around.  I appreciate any suggestions.



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