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Re: Transfer attachment from one AR Server to another AR Server through Java API


Here is example of getting an attachment from an existing record and creating new record with the attachment.
In your case, the write new record would be with ARServerUser for your other instance to complete the attachment
from one system to another system process.

//make the call to remedy to get an entry object
Entry e = svr.getEntry(<yourForm>, <anEntryId>, null);
//get actual content of attachment by getting blob for attachment field
byte[] content = svr.getEntryBlob(<yourForm>, <anEntryId>, <yourFieldId>);
//get just the attachment value from interesting attachment field
AttachmentValue attachValue = (AttachmentValue)e.get(<yourFieldId>).getValue();
//set content with the byte array from getBlob
//Then just do create Entry with new Entry object containing
//the AttachmentValue
Entry newEntry = new Entry();
newEntry.put(<yourFieldId>, new Value(attachValue));
//add any additional field values here
//then write to new record 
System.out.println(svr.createEntry(<yourForm>, newEntry));

Hope that helps 😊


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To retrieve an attachment from the source server you need to do two calls, one from an entry perspective to get the file name and size, and another from a getblob to get the actual attachment info....then when moving the attachment to the remote system you need to do the opposite setBlob....I don't think you then need to do the setEntry....are you doing the setBlob on the destination system?

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 7:42 AM, Narayanan, Radhika <radhika.narayanan@cgi.com> wrote:

Hi List,


I’m trying to transfer an attachment from a custom form on ITSM 9.1.03 to another custom form on ITSM  8.1.02 through Java API.

Here is the syntax used in the Java  program. The issue is that the while the file name is visible on 8.1.02 form after the transfer, when I open the file there is nothing within. I other words , an empty file got transferred. Something amiss, but what?

attach = asu.getEntryBlob("INT:Inbound:StagingForm", userEntry.getEntryId(), Integer.parseInt("910000023"));


Even before sending, the actual content inside the attachment from that record appears to get emptied. What can we do about this? Please advise.




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