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Re: Regarding MS SQL Server to Oracle Migration

Have you looked at Alderstone's CMT product? I've used this before and can recommend it. It's blindingly fast and can perform data transformation as well.


On 5 Mar 2018 4:55 pm, "Vinod Gaidhani" <vinod.gaidhani@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Team,

We are planning to migrate from Microsoft to Linux [8.1 to 9.1] and as part of this, we will have to move to Oracle as well. Can anyone please share approach/experience of doing this at Database level using DBA utilities. Or there is no otherways but do it at API level only because of the way data handled in both databases [for LOBs/etc]

We have explored multiple tools which handles this at API level but 650GB data seems to be lot to be handled and verify by any tools out there.

Vinod Gaidhani.

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