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Re: IIS Issue

A few options:

-  If you are not using IIS you could disable it and configure Tomcat for port 80 instead of 8080.

-  If you need IIS you could setup isapi_redirect with Tomcat to use IIS.

-  You can also setup a redirect to have http://yourserver:8080 to go to http://youruniqueurl


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Uncomment the 8080 connector in Tomcat's server.xml config.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 3:38 AM, Roy, Prakash <Prakash_Roy@bmc.com> wrote:

Hi Christian,


We need to understand your deployment architecture as below:


1)     Is there any reverse proxy server/load balancer configured?

2)     How many midtiers are configured?

3)     How many apps server’s configured and whether any apps side load balancer exists?

4)     If there is any RSSO configured?

5)     If there is single midtier which you are trying to access directly, does that machine host the IIS server too that works as a reverse proxy server?

6)     If the 5th point above is correct, does it mean that the IIS server is configured on port “80” which is the default port for http request?



If there is already port “80” configured for application other than midtier on the same machine then, midtier cannot be accessed using default port “80”. Midtier has to have some unique port configured for e.g “8080” to access it directly. You need to check the server.xml for the port configured for midtier.







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Hi everyone,

We have upgraded our test system to 9.1.4  We have upgraded the RSSO component as well.  We cannot get to the midtier server with the direct URL, we are prompted with a domain login (assume this is coming from IIS) and cannot proceed.  If we add a port (:8080) to the FQDN it will work.  I’m hoping someone may have come across something similar and I’m just missing the easy fix.



Christian Smerz


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