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RE: Difference in license usage according to BMC License Audit and User Log



Several things to put into the mix.


1)      The User Log is on a per server basis.  So, if you have 3 servers, you need 3 user logs for the same time period to track logins and logouts during that time

2)      Remember that the user log is tracking only logins and logouts that occur during that timeframe.  So, if you have users who were already on the system and who remained on the system during the interval, they would not show up in the user log although they are active.

3)      There is a screen named Manage Licenses that shows the current active users on the system.  You can look at registered users or active users and you can look at them by license type.  It is important to understand that when using this screen to look at current users, it shows the current users for ONE server – the one that you happen to be talking to.  So, the list of current users doesn’t reflect the entire load on the system.  You would have to make sure you are connected to each of the three servers and get lists from each and merge them.

NOTE: To make this screen work better, we have produced a new version of the screen for releases 9.1 sp4 and later.  There is a new Server Group Administration Console that is available in Communities.  It has a Manage Licenses screen in it that interacts with all the servers in the server group, gathers the user list from all of them, merges the list, and shows you a single, complete list of current users across your entire server group.  And, there is a column that tells you which server(s) the user is currently interacting with.  So, using this new screen (and you can tell it is the new one because there is a servers column in the table when looking at current users), you get a complete list of all current users across the entire environment.

4)      The License Audit feature will give you a count of registered users for Fixed licenses (that should match what is in all versions of the Manage Licenses screen).  It is a count of the current active floating users across servers – we have a coordination of these licenses to make sure a user is counted only one time even if they are touching different servers in the server group.


So, you can see where depending on what sources you are looking at – single server information or across server information – you can see differences in counts.  If you get information from cross-server sources (or merge the data across servers in the group), you should find that the numbers match what is reported by the license audit.


Doug Mueller


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Ok...according to user log....which user log from which server, during which time frame?  As I understand it the License audit runs during an interval and takes that as a sampling....I know that it uses information from the machine the audit is run against....but I don't know what details they are using unfortunately.


What sort of numbers are we talking about?....Fixed, Floating...how off are your numbers from theirs?....what tools are you utilizing to show how many users you are using?


On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:01 AM, Thomas Miskiewicz <tmiskiew@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Listers,


we’re on AR 8.1.x (plain AR no BMC products on top) with a Server Group consisting of 3 AR Servers plus an Archive Server.


How come that the according to the User Log we use significantly less licenses that according to the BMC License Audit?


Sure off top of my head BMC needs to sell more licenses. LOL


But on more serious note: any ideas?



Thank you




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